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Thousands of clients have purchased
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Phonia Srl June 28, 2016

The process was very easy. Fast and serious. Thank you. 

Yannick Bensacq June 23, 2016

I'm come from China, i buy this domain for my domain investment, thanks, NameBright is good choice! 

Zhang June 22, 2016

I found HugeDomains easy to deal with and thoroughly professional throughout the process of buying a domain and then accessing it. Comforting and efficient. 

Ian Close June 22, 2016

Huge Domains was easy and very fast with the transfer of the domain into my control. 

Rob Holmbeck June 20, 2016

The process was extremely easy and I had the url directed to my site in a day. No issues changing the DNS settings. 

Damon Palame June 20, 2016


HELLEN TRINH June 20, 2016 HugeDomains Customer

Dealing with HugeDomains was a great experience. Their financing option definitely helps when starting a new business. 

Marko Djurdjevic June 19, 2016

Thanks for working with us and providing good service and support during the process. 

Barry Graves June 16, 2016

Quick. Easy. Straightford. Good communication from HugeDomains. Very happy. 

Rick Mullen June 14, 2016

Great and fast service. 

Daniel Nissan June 10, 2016

Fast and serious. 

Rusz Janos June 6, 2016

What a simple process to purchase. Customer services were great. Payment was instant and received the domain within minutes! 

Liam McCann June 6, 2016

Great interface, great domain, what can I say. "Just pay the Mann" 

Michael Mann June 6, 2016

Brilliant in the following: Service. Price. Customer relations. Attitude & 

Tricia Coulton May 31, 2016

Very fast and simple, 0 percent installments made this very convenient for me. 

Brian Hooper May 31, 2016

Very fast process! 

Andrea M May 24, 2016

Fast, Easy & Friendly. Those are the words to describe my experience. Better than other competitors out there. Extremely Happy! 

Alexander Vega May 24, 2016

very fast, easy and professional service 

Katarzyna Zasada May 24, 2016

I remain completely surprised at how easy it was, not only to purchase the domain I wanted on the payment plan, but to begin using the domain immediately. 

Steven Bruno May 18, 2016

A great system that allows access to domains at a fair and reasonable price , they work with you and offer a system that allows a payment plan that offers a domainer a chance to gamble on a term and allows you to keep it if the term takes off so look out for a future internet technology that will be the new internet 

shane redmond May 17, 2016

Great service. Simple & easy. 

Maisha Yearwood May 16, 2016

very good 

Zhang Zhao Yuan May 13, 2016

It was efficient, fast and simple. Full customer satisfaction - Thank you 

Alain Belda May 10, 2016

Transfer was extremely fast. I know your markup must be immense but I respect the hustle. TY 

Roman Zanevchik May 9, 2016

it was good and fast! 

Attila Nemeth May 4, 2016

HugeDomains the best ...Easy to use..and everything is good . 

imad May 3, 2016

I have not purchased several domains from HugeDomains and they have been amazingly responsive and easy to work with. For this last one I was happy to see that it was theirs knowing that I would have an easy experience. 

Rob Peterson May 2, 2016

It was a nice experience with HugeDomains team - everything went smoothly and few moments after the payment I was able to play with my new domain. Thanks a lot, perfect job! 

Alan Fabik May 2, 2016

Was easy to complete transaction 

David Curedale April 29, 2016

Great service! 

Paul April 26, 2016 NA

Patrick was most helpful in obtaining the domain name. I would like to thank him personally and thank for making the process so quick and easy. Kind regards, Kevin Sedore 

Kevin Sedore April 26, 2016

When I was searching for a memorable personal brand and matching domain, HugeDomains had a remarkable and memorable brand domain that was one-of-a-kind, perfect for the space I work within and reasonably priced considering its' outstanding quality. 

@petersinkevich April 26, 2016

Very professional domain sale & transfer! 

Ben Kuenkler April 23, 2016

Payment plan allows me more flexibility to use money, it was great. 

HUANGFEI April 18, 2016

This is the second domain I have purchased from you. Premium quality domains and great prices. Easy, effortless transaction. Thank you!! 

Isaias April 18, 2016

In less than 24 hours I got my domain, the process was smooth and easy. It isn't different from purchasing a domain through normal registrar services, so it's easy for everybody who's familiar with this process. It was definitely a good value for my company! 

Stefano Pepe April 18, 2016

Quick, easy and safe domain purchase. I'm the very impatient type, but fortunately, all was smooth - and even quicker than expected. 

Dave Bradley April 17, 2016

Estamos completamente complacidos por la atenciĆ³n y dedicaciĆ³n a vuestros clientes, incluyendo los aspectos de seguridad lo cual creemos es sumamente importante.! 

Lester Toledo April 15, 2016

Andrew Reberry Co-Founder Andrew, Thanks so much for your fine folks who helped me so quickly to acquire my domain name. The process was fast and seamless. With hosting from I was on the web in no time. Great experience and great value. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone looking for a domain name. I have a lot of experience on the web as I own several dot com addresses, but I would tell any novice that HugeDomains is a very quick and easy one stop shopping ground for a web address, be it a blog or a true dot com. Thanks Allen 

William A April 11, 2016

The transaction went smoothly and I was able to start using the name within 24 hours. Highly recommended. 

John Ramunas April 11, 2016

Very positive experience. Flexibility and very fast feedback on any question we had. We recommend it 

Fasoli Luigi April 7, 2016

Excellent and efficient service! 

Jamie March 29, 2016 HugeDomains Customer

The service of is very good and fast.Thanks so much. 

Ag98 March 29, 2016

I am satisfied with the customer support. I got answers imediately when I asked questions. 

Kaiwen Tang March 28, 2016

I registered my .me domain a couple of years ago and thought it would be best to have the .com equivalent as well. When I found out that Huge Domains has a monthly payment option, I jumped at the chance to secure my domain. Purchase was easy and within 24 hours I had DNS control to point my new domain where I needed it to go. Now anyone looking for a great classroom tool can get where they need to be! 

Marcus Burnette March 22, 2016

I have owned another domain, very much like the one,, I just bought from Huge Domains. This one was mass purchased with a number of other names about 10 years ago. I've been wanting this name since but it wasn't for sale until recently. I saw it for sale from other places for the same price, but Huge Domains was the only place that financed so I went with them. The domain name was $1895 and I really did not want to pay that much at one time, but $157 a month I won't even notice. Am very happy this domain name is finally mine as it should've been from the beginning!! 

Lisa Imberi March 18, 2016

Very kind and supportive people. Very professional and skilled techinicias. It was easy and userfriendly to purches the domain. 

John Shehata March 16, 2016

Such a quick and easy process. Customer service replies within 12hrs even though I'm on the other side of the world. Thanks so much for securing my domain. 

See Magic March 15, 2016

It was amazing to be offered a payment plan. 

Natasha Kothari March 14, 2016


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